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Welsh Rarebit

Otherwise known as Cheese-on-Toast

Beer Blogging

Craig Heap

A Welsh Beer Blogger celebrating the great ales of Wales

Beer Lens

Robert Gale and Kim Reed

Two friends from Newport, Wales and New York, USA share pictures of their passion for beer.

Blood, Stout and Tears

Beer blogging from South Wales. Photos and reviews of beers, all types, new and old.

Brew Wales

Beer,brewing,pubs,cider,perry in Wales

Chile Bites

My name is Camila and as the name of this blog might give away, I am from the beautiful country of Chile. (If you don’t know where it is, look at the South American continent on a map and find the chilli pepper shaped country). My family and I migrated to Wales when I was eight years old, which after a couple of other stops and a year back in the Americas is how I came to be based in Cardiff! 

Corpulant Capers

Gomez and Mrs A.

Welcome to Corpulent Capers, a food blog written by a husband and wife team, with restaurants, reviews, recipes and recommendations. We passionately support local food producers and their products.

Delicious Delicious Delicious

I'm Peter and I live in Cardiff in South Wales with my husband Perce. I love this city to death, but I always feel like I've turned my back on the beautiful North West of England when I say that (I'm from Manchester originally), so please consider me a (displaced) Northerner. It will make me feel better.

Delicious Delicious Delicious is my blog, my 'me' space. I started it in 2009 when I felt I needed a creative outlet and wanted to combine baking with writing. I sometimes neglect it for a while but I always seem to come back.

I like dessert. I like holidays. I like knitting and I like moustaches. 

I work as a flight attendant. I occasionally wear other hats and do bits and pieces of writing and recipe development here and there, but mostly I'm up there in the sky.

Diet Starts Tomorrow...

Beca Lyne-Pirkis

Beca Lyne-Pirkis, originally from Cardiff now lives with her husband and two girls in Surrey.  Her husband is a Medical Sergeant in the army, but Beca is no ordinary military wife.

Having gained a degree in Music from Cardiff University and a post-grad in Arts Management at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, Beca is now a cook, food writer and TV presenter and this is all thanks to a certain baking programme.

Diodydd: Cymru -- Drinks: Wales

Newyddion a sylwadau ar y diwidiant diodydd yng Nghymru/News and comment about the Welsh drinks industry

Gourmet Gorro

Ed Gilbert

My name is Ed Gilbert. I'm an indiscriminate glutton who enjoys a late night doner as much as a bit of posh. I like to think I can occasionally share a valid opinion about food when my judgement hasn't been clouded by the meat red mist. I'm a Cardiff based Geordie who's spent time living in Newcastle, London, Chester and Cambridge. I mostly write reviews of restaurants in Cardiff, South Wales.

The Grill and Barrell

This isn’t your average food and drink website of reviews, its more about those who produce it with guides, insights and interviews. It’s not about cupcakes and tarts. It’s about steaks and wings, straight off the grill. It’s not about fancy cocktails with umbrellas in. It’s about ales straight from the barrel. It’s for those with a love of good Welsh food and produce and even better ales. This is The Grill & Barrel.

Hungry City Hippy

Jane Cook

A Cardiff based food, travel & lifestyle blog. Winner of Best New Blog & Best Food Blog at the Wales Blog Awards 2014. Restaurants, recipes, foodie travel, Cardiff eats.

Local and Great

Bill King

Bill King, who runs the blog, is a keen amateur chef from Cwmbran who writes about foodie events happening in Wales, as well as cooking tips, recipes and musings.

Love to Dine

Hannah Poulton

Hannah lives in Penarth, South Wales, just outside Cardiff, and she loves eating and cooking and everything to do with food! Her favourite way to spend her spare time is dining out – either trying new restaurants or returning to her favourites. Her blog, Love to Dine, has been featured in the Western Mail and Wales on Sunday and she has featured as blogger of the month on Foodies 100. Hannah is media trained and is therefore available for TV and radio work.


Llio Angharad

So, I'm more of a Dawn French than a Kate Moss... I'm 29, I still watch Hollyoaks, I'm a farmers daughter and my favourite thing in life is sausages. Who doesn't love a good Sausage?


I love food, like proper love... I spend a lot of time out and about sniffing for new restaurant, bars and cafes and mainly cakes. 


More Beer For Me

Niall Thomas

What's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

Objection: Salad!

Richard Gaywood

...because vegetables are what food eats.

O:S! brings you food writing and photography by Richard Gaywood and friends.

Pint of 45

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A User's Guide to Drinking in Cardiff

Pubs Cymru

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PubsCymru is a realisation of a dream that stems back many years.  Our aim through the website, available in Welsh and English, is to find pubs for the thirsty traveller not only in Wales but also further afield.  As mentioned in our twitter account we have enjoyed our pub wanderings in Wales and in other countries and have decided to share our wealth of experience with other like minded individuals.  Our wanderings (thankfully!) are far from complete and the website in time will continue to grow.

Some of the pubs listed have served the people of Wales for generations and long may it continue.  For the nostalgic amongst us it will provide information on pubs long gone and sadly consigned to history.  Gone but certainly not forgotten by us!

Our aim is to build a comprehensive index of Welsh pubs past and present.  A brief historical description of the pub will be given and where possible a photo attached.  The website offers a unique opportunity for the traveller to explore pubs in Wales and some in other countries.

We welcome any feedback and please let us know of pubs we have yet to mention.  Further information and photographs of pubs is certainly appreciated.  Good health!

The Rare Welsh Bit

Kacie Morgan

Written by myself (Kacie Morgan) and based in Cardiff, Wales, The Rare Welsh Bit is a food and travel blog featuring restaurants, products, recipes, days-out, travel destinations, accommodation & more, from South Wales and beyond. 

Sunken Hundred

New Welsh focused restaurant on Smith Street in Brooklyn. 

Vicki's Kitchen

Vicki Jones

Hi, I'm Vicki Jones, living in Wales UK, mum of 3 and a district nurse. All my recipes are Slimming World friendly, easy to follow and really yummy! I'm not a Slimming World consultant however have been attending class for many years and love to adapt recipes to make them Slimming World friendly. I also love to review restaurants for those special treat days. 

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