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Dewi Sant

Patron Saint of Wales

It is believed that Davd was the son of Saint Non and the Grandson of Caredig ap Cunedda, King of Ceredigion


Wales, American Welsh, Welsh History/Literature/Music/Politics etc

The Art of Arfon

Arfon Jones

My name is Arfon Jones I am an artist/ illustrator based in Gwynedd, North Wales in the United Kingdom. Although I hold a B.A. in Illustration I regard myself to be a self-taught artist, I work mostly in acrylic and pen turning my hand to three-dimensional pieces from time to time. My work has been publicly displayed in the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States and used in wide range of publications, books, comics, magazines, dvd’s, posters, logo design and private portraits.

Cymru Culture

The free online magazine celebrating Welsh life, art, fashion and culture. 


Y cylchgrawn ar-lein am ddim sy'n dathlu bywyd, celf, ffasiwn a diwylliant Cymreig.

Desolation Radio

@Ghost_Slap & @DrDanEvans

A weekly podcast about Welsh society & culture.

Gentlemen's Grindehouse Records

Tom Elliot & Darkinc1

Welcome to Gentlemen’s Grindhouse Records. Founded in 2014 by Tom Elliot (Scream Magazine, The Twilight Zone Podcast) and artist and web designer Darkinc1, to house a podcasting network specialising in cult and horror programming and also their shared passion for The Twilight Zone and old time radio.

Gentlemen’s Grindhouse Records has fast became a popular internet entertainment hub which plans to expand to other products and media in 2015 and beyond.

Golwg 360

Mae Golwg360 yn wasanaeth newyddion a materion cyfoes cyflawn yn Gymraeg, gyda newyddion Cymru, gwledydd Prydain a'r byd, chwaraeon, celfyddydau, ...

Golwg (Welsh for "View") is a Welsh-language magazine established in 1988. It covers current events and features and claims a circulation of 12,000 a month, the largest circulation of any magazine in Wales.

Recently, Golwg 360 was launched as a website offering daily Welsh and international news in Welsh. The project is funded by the Welsh Government.

PLANET Magazine

The Welsh Internationalist

The magazine was first established in 1970 by Ned Thomas, author of The Welsh Extremist, with the aim of creating a forum for debate about Wales in English, as well as encouraging a dialogue between English-speaking Wales and Welsh-speaking Wales.

After a short break the magazine was re-established in 1985, and went from strength to strength first under the editorship of John Barnie and subsequently under the editorships of Helle Michelsen and Jasmine Donahaye. It is now edited by Emily Trahair. 

As well as individual articles you can also see original blog entries on their 'Planet Extra' section

Vivienne Rickman Poole

The photographs I take are snatched glances into the mundane, snippets of everyday life that form my visual references. I take delight in the way my work can wrap me up in the warm nostalgia of the past, absorb me in the atmosphere, movement and sounds of the present and yet leave me emotionally desolate, wondering about the future...

Wales in the Movies

Tumbler Blog

Wales in the Movies

YouTube Feed

Hello! Shwmae! Welcome to WALES in the MOVIES - an entertainment vlog dedicated to film fans, geeks and the people of Wales. Thank you so much for checking us out. Diolch yn fawr iawn! Welsh moving pictures from 1920s to the present day to be reviewed and deconstructed in a national and international context by Newport Film School Documentary graduate and internet blogger Nick Stradling. WALES in the MOVIES will not just review Welsh movie and TV content but under the same banner, provide Wales with its first independent movie talk and cinema review show - all recorded from the garden iShed in Penarth, Vale of Glamorgan. 

The Welsh Cultural Endeavour of Northeastern Pennsylvania

The Welsh Cultural Endeavor of Northeastern Pennsylvania is purely a non-profit public charity organized as a corporation.  

We are not an institution – We are an interest group – dedicated to the preservation of Welsh culture through proliferation of new presentation ideas and making awareness of customs and traditions while focusing on future generations and their awareness of who we are. We seek preservation through propagation efforts and ultimately we are all about those not yet part of us.


Equally cursed and blessed.

White Lemonade

Emily Jay

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