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Bae Abertawe

Bae Abertawe

A Journey in Wales

A Scot in North Wales

Hi, I'm Suz. I'm a Scot who recently moved from the city of Stirling, and now find myself, at 38, living in the middle of the North Wales countryside, without instant access to shoe shops or Costa Coffee. These are my adventures...

Elin Grufydd

Silver Disco Daps

Sara Robinson

Silver Disco Daps is a lifestyle blog written by Sara Robinson – a mother of one, PR consultant and former journalist with more than 15 years of experience. It features articles on travel, parenting, food, politics, feminism, music, fitness, wellbeing and much more.

Sopra La Luna with Penguins in the Rain

A blog about randomly collecting Penguin Paperbacks and football stuff as well as living in the Italy with rain that's Wales

A Welsh View: Cymru vs the World

I've been told that I am the first welshman to stand on all 7 continents, and I believed that person.

That should tell you a bit about my combined stupidity and arrogance! Seriously though - this is a personal blog that I'm using to share my travel opinions.

If you're wondering, nothing tops North Wales yet!

The Wanderings of a Welsh Girl

Hello there!

I’m Megan, a 23 year old from Cardiff, Wales currently running away from responsibilities in Australia. It’s a hard life, but someone’s gotta do it. I spend far too much time eating food, being socially awkward and deciding what to do with my life. A keen writer and keen traveller, I aim to travel the world and experience everything.

The Wanderings of a Welsh Girl documents life, the adventures I wander on and more often that not, the masses of food I will inevitably be eating (side note: going out for food is my FAVOURITE hobby). Don’t judge.


Two From Wales is the travel blog for a twenty-something couple from North Wales leaving their family, friends, jobs & everything else behind to go traveling, taking in 12 different countries in around 8 months together.

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